Listen to Europe is the source for knowledge on the attitudes of Europeans and their thoughts on the most important issues of our time. We invite you to explore the data and join us if you want to be part of shaping the future of Europe and engage in campaigning for a future based on open societies and European cooperation.


Together with experts in the field, we have conducted a survey on the drivers of behaviours and attitudes of citizens in 13 European Union member states (representing 75% of the membership of the European Parliament) towards democracy and authoritarianism. The project is undertaken in an effort to understand how our fellow citizens feel about democracy in general, but also some of the specific issues we work on in particular, what drives voters towards parties, movements and leaders who are undemocratic and authoritarian, to test narratives and develop messaging that can allow pro-democratic forces to reach and be persuasive beyond our usual audience. We are keen to work with all proponents of open societies on this to ensure that the results are spread far and wide and make the most of them in our respective campaigns.


Core survey questions for the poll were developed by a diverse group of analysts and researchers from Europe and the United States, including: London School of Economics, Chatham House, University of Massachusetts, European Policy Centre, Pew Research, Dalia Research.

In addition to these core questions, also country-specific questions were developed for the 13 member states through conversations with experts based in those countries, in order to explore issues and attitudes specific to particular countries.

The poll itself was conducted by YouGov.

Once the survey was fielded and analysed, members of the European Movement International and partner organisations were invited to receive country-specific briefings on audience segmentation, targeting and message framing that can immediately be applied to our communications.

Dissemination of the findings included meetings and/or webinar briefings called “Democracy Tables” in most of the surveyed countries.

The data has now been made available here on www.ListenToEurope.info and in the future, it will be expanded with in-depth analysis and possible further research. 


Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands (for now).


Support for the project has been given by The Open Society Foundations.


If you are interested in taking part in the project, applying to access to more in-depth data (incl. crosstabs) or would like to stay up to date as we develop www.ListenToEurope.info further, please sign up here.